Day 162: Heavy Lies Our Time

Time is precious. If you believe your possessions or your money are the most valuable thing in your life, think again. When it comes to value, time is by the most valuable thing we will ever have. In reality it is priceless, for we would never give it up for any amount of money. It is something we will always want more of and regret not doing more with. Time weighs heavy in our lives.

We all have sixty minutes in an hours, twenty-four hours in a day, and one hundred and sixty-eight hours in a week. No one is able to get more or less time in their day and while some people may live hours apart, we all experience time at the same speed. Time is evenly distributed to ever single person in the world.

However, we never know how much time we have in our lives. we go about each day expecting death to come much later, but in reality there is no telling when our time will come to take our last breath. So while we all have the same amount of time, we are never guaranteed the next second.

Sometimes time moves quickly, flying by without a moment to spare and we’re left wondering what one earth happened to it. On other occasions, time drags on and no matter how long it feels like it’s been only seconds have passed. No matter how quickly or slowly time goes, one thing is very much certain. When time has passed us, there is no getting it back. Time that is gone it truly gone forever, nothing we do will ever get it back.

This all being said, what do we do with this information? We all have the same amount of time to spend, we never know when our time will come to an end, and when time passes us it is gone forever. These are just simple truths about time that we must accept in order to move forward.

There are other truths about time as well. Truths that should encourage us and give us hope for the future we have ahead of us. Nothing is ever as dark and as bleak as it seems, we must simply open our eyes to see the possibilities on every side.

We have the power to do anything we want with our time. There is nothing controlling us and keeping us from doing what we wish with our time. Because we have the same amount of time on our hands as everyone else, we have every opportunity they do. The question is, how will you spend that time? If you can do anything you want with your time, you have the most amazing opportunity to make something incredible with your life.

While time can seem truly short, we often underestimate all that we can get one in a short amount of time. If we are truly dedicated to spending our time wisely, we can conquer mountains in minutes and see things come true faster than we ever thought possible. With that in mind remember that now is not the only time in your life, be sure to take care of yourself and enjoy your days instead of hustling all the way to the grave.

Time lies heavy on our chest and it should because we only have so much of it. That should strike fear and excitement into our hearts. Because while what we do with our time can never be undone, we can do anything we want with our time. And remember it is never too late for anything. There is still time, there is still a door waiting to be opened and a clock waiting to be reset.

Now is your chance to accomplish anything and everything you have ever wanted. Do not let this moment slip away unnoticed. Go for it and spend your time doing the things you truly love doing.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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