Day 161: Waiting On Spring

The time of year called Spring has begun creeping closer and closer. It appears to be just around the corner, waiting patiently for the last cold night to fade away and the daffodils to bloom. It is the period of birth and growth, trees begin to blossom and flowers poke their heads up from the chilled ground. It is a period of holding one’s breath and waiting.

We all have periods of winter in our lives when things just seem bleak and depressing. Nothing excites us and we cannot look forward to anything because there is nothing to look forward to. It happens to the best of us and we have to give ourselves grace for these periods of darkness.

It is necessary to have times like these in our lives because we begin to understand and appreciate the spring so much more. When we experience the harsh winter’s and the long months of sadness, we begin to see the true beauty of the budding trees and the new growth. Imagine if it was spring all year, the refreshing blooms would just be common place and the bright green grass would become everyday.

During our winter months, our job is to prepare for the coming spring. It is our duty to begin the restoration work that will be necessary when the frost thaws and we come out of our houses. Winter is a time of perpetration and waiting. Spring is the time for growth and renewal.

Understand what you want to renew during the Winter months and be patient with yourself. Sometimes it takes longer than usual for the winter to end and sometimes it is over in a few short weeks. Appreciate that time as time realizing how wonderful the spring to come will be. And never give up on the coming months, spring will come and winter will not last forever.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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