Day 159: Friends Become Family

Sometimes family isn’t necessarily the people you are born with. And sometimes you find family over the period of a few days after experiencing similar situations together. There are just people meant to be in your life and you find them at just the right time. Something about these people just touches your heart and bring you such joy.

Friends make life worth living and they can truly change your life in an instant. The amazing memories that come with all the laughs and conversations that take place, they create such a special place in your heart. Nothing beats finding the people you’d like to spend your life with.

When you find these people it can be hard to keep them in your life because of the distance between you, but remember that friendship lasts over the miles if given enough dedication and support. Anything can be done with enough mutual effort, even keeping relationships going over long distances and lengths of time.

How much are you willing to sacrifice for the people you have met and come to love? Your friends will never be replaceable, they can last for longer than you think. And it takes sacrifice in order to keep relationships going, sacrificing your time, your energy, etc. You must be willing to give up something in order to have this new family.

Yes, friends can become a family if you give them the opportunity and what a beautiful family you have the chance to build. Allow those around you to come closer than you ever expected and build a relationship that will last.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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