Day 155: Book Review: Dream Year by Ben Arment

We all have a dream. Something that calls to us and drives us forward in the pursuit of our visions. However, often times we do not chase after our dream for many reasons from fear to the desire of having a consistent paycheck. Going after the vision that pulls at your heart strings is dangerous, but with “Dream Year” by Ben Arment you have a guide to help you through all the ups and downs.

By far one of my favorite books to date, from page 1 to 212 you are given a practical look at chasing your dreams. There is something pulling at each of our hearts and it won’t stop until we see it fully realized. Arment states that, “Your burden is your mandate. This is the very reason you were born.” We have a purpose for our lives, it is time to take it from an idea to a reality. This is the book to help you through the process.

Ben Arment lays out a game plan for fulfilling your dream in a year that can be used by anyone and everyone. It is not specific to a certain craft or career type, it is for every dreamer out there who feels called to a higher purpose. The idea is that in twelve months you can take your dream from realization to fulfillment. With a call to action and questions at the end of each chapter, you can take the reading material and apply it in your life.

This is your dream year and we are given an outline of what the next twelve months will look like.

Month 1 – You’re terrified but excited about actually having to do this.
Month 2 – You’re intimidated and wonder if this was a mistake.
Month 3 – You strain to adapt your idea to a more effective model.
Month 4 – You’re overwhelmed and want to take a break or quit.
Month 5 – You begin to see your dream take shape through branding.
Month 6 – You make some “big asks” that surprisingly pay off.
Month 7 – You adjust your idea to suit people’s needs.
Month 8 – You start acting less like an employee and more like a CEO.
Month 9 – You use “we” instead of “I” as a team forms around you.
Month 10 – You’re tempted to stop asking questions and settle for where you’ve landed. (Don’t).
Month 11 – You begin to see revenue coming in from your efforts.
Month 12 – The dream is no longer in your head. It’s an organization with a working model. There’s a plan for growth and sustainability.

Our dreams are so worth pursuing and this is the book to help us get through every up and down we face. “Your dream represents something larger than you – the answer to a problem, a wonderful new experience, or a solution to what’s lacking in the world.” This is your step-by-step guide to everything you didn’t realize you needed to consider. From financial models to branding, building your platform to making big asks, there is a section for everything.

Every dream has an under layer of steps that can be taken to make it a series to tasks. Dreaming doesn’t have to be mysterious process with this amazing book. It can be practical and actionable, something you can complete in a year.

I have always been a dreamer, but without being a doer those dreams will never come to fruition. Like Atomic Habits by James Clear this was the second time I read “Dream Year” and it was better than the first time. While reading through it, I kept a very specific dream in mind and it has made all the difference. I feel ignited and ready to tackle any and every obstacle that comes my way.

Ben Arment creates a manual for every dreamer in the world and all you have to do is decide to pursue your passion. “You have a dream that only you can see” and it is time to help the world to see it as well. This is your Dream Year, time to step up and become the CEO of your life.

Rating: Five Stars
Re-readability: High
Get It Here

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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