Day 154: Measure Twice, Cut Once

Everything is created twice, no matter what we’re doing there is a first creation followed by a second creation. We take every item from mental to physical. No matter what we are doing there is an original blueprint that starts in our mind. It is the way it always has been and always will be. However, do we truly utilize our mental blueprint to the best of our abilities?

We pictures everything we want to do before we do it, that’s how our brain works. Yet often times we just jump in head first without really paying attention to the blueprint. We take a look at it, shrug our shoulders and toss it into a closet.

While there are certainly benefits to chucking the blueprints in the closet for certain projects and activities. There are also incredible benefits of using the blueprint to the full extent of our abilities. Have you ever heard the expression “measure twice, cut once”? It’s this idea that if you plan ahead properly you will only have to work out the problem once, instead of cutting and adjusting and cutting again and so forth.

Everything is created twice, maybe it’s time we should really focus on our mental blueprint beforehand. Maybe we should measure everything twice so that we only have to cut once. Or maybe we should check our plans twice so that we don’t forget something crucial. Or maybe we should consider the different angels to take an image from so that we don’t have to re-shoot it later.

Whatever area you are working on, there can be so many benefits from planning ahead. As a photographer, I plan out each of my images before I shoot them so that there is meaning dripping from every element and I know what shots I need to take in order to complete the edit. No matter what you’re doing try to determine if you would benefit from a more detailed mental blueprint.

Make sure that the blueprint is something you truly want to work towards. If you throw it out early on you may realize later that, hmm maybe this wasn’t something I wanted to do after all. Having a mental creation first is allowing us the time to see whether or not our ideas will truly benefit us.

Begin with the end in mind so that when you get to the end you don’t regret starting at the beginning. Take care of your first mental creation and your second psychical creation will take care of you.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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