Day 146: Day In The Life No. 2

Good morning! It is a beautiful Monday morning without a cloud in the sky. When I woke up around 7:30 A.M. I almost completely forgot I was doing a day in the life, however I quickly remembered when I saw DITL scribbled on my hand. So welcome to this month’s day in the life blog post.

The morning was quite beautiful with sunshine streaming in with a golden tinge and painting the room with bright light. After sharing the first few images on my Instagram story to start the day off I began my morning routine. Which included reading the Bible, journaling, and reading my current nonfiction book. The book I am reading in February is called “Dream Year” written by Ben Arment, it is absolutely incredible and I would highly recommend it to everyone.

After my morning routine, I had to take some time to plan out my week. Usually I try and plan out everything on Sunday, however, I didn’t have time yesterday so I had to take a bit of time to lay out both my weekly and daily to do’s. For those of you looking to be successful at everyday productivity, I would highly suggest putting your to do list somewhere you can see it constantly throughout the day.

Once I had finished laying out everything, I exercised my creativity muscle and came up with a photo idea followed by sitting near a window for 10 minutes. Taking those ten minutes in silence and peace really helps me clear my mind, generate more ideas, and figure out what questions I need to be asking in order to further myself along my journey.

From there I when down to my basement and ran on the treadmill for about thirty minutes followed by another thirty minutes of exercises to help my dance related injuries. I have never been very good about keeping up any sort of workout outside of the ballet studio, however with a show coming up in May and another injury on top of two others, I figured it was about time to work on this. Following my workout I had lunch and began writing this blog post.

Something I did not expect to happen during this time was photos didn’t want to open on my mac. There was just this little spinning circle, so it took about thirty minutes to contact Apple Support and find out that if I have 2,000+ photos it will take 30 or more minutes to open. Which sounds rubbish because it has never taken that long before, but with 18,000+ photos I guess I’ll have to wait.

For as long as I can remember I have always loved abandoned buildings and whenever I’ve driven past one in the past four years I mark the location on my phone. I took some time today to write down the addresses in a google document and re-research them, I soon discovered a lot of them have been renovated which is fantastic! I also drafted a letter to a building owner asking for permission to shoot on the premises, which I will hopefully send out tomorrow!

It was time to get ready for a meeting after that and I got to witness a beautiful sunset that was just incredible! The meeting was at a local University and was a forum between four people running for U.S. Senate, incredibly interesting and fascinating. It was followed by dinner with a friend, which was a lot of fun. Unfortunately I did not get photos from either event, but they were wonderful!

Now I’m back at home writing this blog post in a bit of a rush because I am absolutely exhausted. Between working out, getting up earlier without a whole lot of sleep, and dedicating a lot of energy to socializing I am just ready for bed. However, I really enjoyed doing the day in the life. It give me a sense of meaning in every little detail of life, from the boring moments to the interesting ones.

My night time routine includes reading in the Bible again, writing in my journal one last time, and planning out my to do’s for the next day. I find it every important to plan in advance which is why I make it a point to lay out everything for the coming day during the night before. Thank you so much for following along, I hope you had an incredible day today!

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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