Day 145: Fall, Fail and Crash. Rise, Win, and Rebuild.

Sometimes we fall, sometimes we fail, and sometimes we crash. That is unfortunately part of life and if we are not falling, failing, and crashing we are not truly trying hard enough. But that is never the end, we never simply fall, fail, or crash. We always have the chance to rise, win, and rebuild.

After a hundred and forty-three days, I missed writing yesterday’s blog post. I’m quite disappointed that I wasn’t able to make it 366 days without missing one, however, I am not overly distraught for many reasons. The first being, I knew in my heart it would be nearly impossible to make it 366 days without missing a few. Second, I originally thought I wouldn’t be able to make it thirty days without missing one (it’s been 143, that’s a lot longer than I planned on). And third, this is my second blog post of the day meaning I was able to get back up.

No matter how hard we fail or crash in life, we always have the opportunity to get back up. Falling is never the end, simply a necessary step that has to happen many times along the way. If we never fail, we never learn anything. Outside of school the greatest teacher is the moment we fail. In my opinion we will learn more in those moments than in any classroom we may find ourselves in.

The sad truth about life is that we will all fail and we will fail over and over and over again. That is life. Failing, however, does not mean we are a failure. When we crash, the moment that determines if we are a failure or not is when we decide if we’re going to stand back up. Standing up will be the hardest part of failing, but the most vital step in the process.

When we fall, we learn. When we stand up, we grow.

If I had not jumped back on the band wagon today by writing two blog posts and allowed another day to be missed, I would feel like a failure. Allowing something to happen once and recovering is necessary in life, it is called flexibility. There will be days that go better than other simply because life doesn’t get in the way. But when life jumps in front of us and we miss a goal, we have to recover quickly.

Allowing the failure to hang over us and drag us down into more failure will eventually lead to our collapse. We have to stand back up as soon as possible if we want to truly grow. When we fall, we must rise. When we fail, we will win, When we crash, we must rebuild. That is how life goes and it takes a great deal of strength to continue on after a failure. It will sting and it will be uncomfortable to deal with, but it does not mean you are a failure. No one is a failure unless they do not get back up. When we allow the failure to pin us down, we will always fail ourselves and our dreams.

So stand back up. Fail and rise, fail and rise. That is how life must be lived if we desire success and accomplishment. Do not be afraid of failure for it will indeed find you wherever you are. Fear the failure of rising back up, that will hold us back more than any failure ever will.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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