Day 139: Darkness Inside

We all have a desire somewhere inside of us to change the world in someway or another. Whether that be on a gran scale or a small scale, most of us desire to leave a positive mark on the world. This is truly possible, however, before we can change the world we must change ourselves.

In order to impact the outsides world in a positive way, we must be in a positive position with ourselves. If there is darkness inside, we will be unable to help get rid of the darkness around us. To change the world, we must change ourselves.

During a convention late last year I heard an incredible speaker touch on this subject and it was so moving. This idea that before we can even begin meddling with the world and how we want to change it, we must first be sure that we have dealt with the darkness we all have inside of us.

There will always be something in ourselves that has a touch of darkness and unresolved problems. It is vital we address these issues before we try to mend that which is broken around us. We cannot change the things happening around us in a positive manor if we have not tended to the cracks in our own hearts.

We do not have to allow the darkness to devour into us and consume us until cracks appear on our soul. There will always be problems and fears and darkness in our lives, however, if we do not try to heal ourselves we will never be able to heal those around us. It’s like having someone struggling with crutches after breaking their leg trying to help someone else suffering from a similar injury to walk. It will not be effective for either participants and will most likely end in more disaster.

What if we took care of our own broken leg? What if before we tried to help the other person we fixed ourselves so that when we rush to their sides we are fully capable of helping them? When we remove the darkness from ourselves we are able to help remove the darkness from the world around us in a way that would not have been possible before.

We all long to change the world. It is a desire worthy of our attention and I know that in our own unique ways, we can all change the world in our own way. But first we must change ourselves. If there is a darkness inside, we will never be able to get rid of the darkness outside.

Turn your attention to what is going on in your heart. Look for the cracks and take the time to heal. When you do, you will be much better equipped to change the world. Rid the darkness inside so that you can rid the world of its darkness. It is possible and the change will be amazing.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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