Day 130: A New Version

I want this month to be about dreaming. But not the kind of dreaming that leads to fanciful imaginings that lead nowhere. No, the kind of dreaming that leads to planning, to do’s, and action. February is going to be the month of striving after the future I want to have and becoming the person I need to be in order to get to that place.

There is a future for all of us. No matter where we are at on our journey, we always have a future we are striving for. Our dreams fill the pages of that future and we color it with hope and longing. Starting from an early age we begin to dream and strive, fail and adjust. This year is no different.

The truth about that future is simple: it is possible. It is possible to accomplish those goals in order to reach those dreams. Everything you imagine can be yours, but the harsh reality is that future requires a different version of yourself. You cannot stay who you are and reach those goals, you have to change and you have to adjust. That is the only thing stopping you from achieving everything you have ever wanted.

This past month has been a sharp learning curve of realizing I cannot be the person I am now and accomplish the goals I have set. The future requires a different person to step up to the plate and the present day is about creating that person inside of you.

We all have what it takes, but that version of ourselves is buried beneath the surface of who we are currently. In order to reach our dream life, we have to deconstruct the current version and take calculated steps towards who we need to be. It will be a process of trying, learning, and adjusting. We might not know the characteristics we need, but they will make themselves known.

Our dream life is waiting for us, we have through it over and planned it out. Now is the time to begin taking those meaningful steps towards the future. All it takes is the first step and then another. It can be so easy to become discouraged when we look ahead and see how far we are from that life, but we must narrow our focus to that next step. If we do not take that next step, we will never be one step closer to our dreams.

It’s about the little things. Behavior shifts, learned skills, making a phone call, etc. Little steps that add up to a much bigger dream and an even bigger future. We can accomplish it all, but we must be willing to change as we run after our dreams. Change is necessary if we want to create our dream life.

If you have never given yourself permission to chase after your dreams do that now. It is never too late to begin and the best time to start is right now. Let this year, this month, this week, this day be the chance to change your life. Our future is waiting, it is calling to us, we had better answer that call.

February is going to be another month of learning about myself in ways I never thought possible and adjusting. 2020 is going to be the year of stepping into a new version of myself and running after my dreams.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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