Day 128: Dreaming Of Freedom

And we dream of freedom. Can any other explanation be given for this particular image? We have a desire that stirs within our hearts that calls to us, begging to be released so that we can fly above the clouds. Every dreamer at some point in time dreams of a life of complete and utter freedom.

What does freedom look like though? There are as many examples of freedom as there are people in the world. Everyone has their own unique perspective of what comes with the dream of freedom. One person’s dream might not stir the heart of another quite like their own dream. Yet the statement is true, we dream of freedom.

The greatest restriction of our freedom is quite simply ourselves. We hold ourselves back from all the things we believe we could do if we were only free in some way that we are not now. We doubt and we question, because we do not have the confidence to run after our dreams with everything in us.

Dreaming and then chasing after those dreams is considered unsafe in the worlds eye. There seem to be more dream killers than dreamers and in such a harsh environment we can feel tied down. Our desire for freedom often accompanies the other dreams that we have. We want to be able to run after our passions without being held back by anything, but the only thing holding us back is ourselves.

We believe that there is something standing in our way. We believe others will judge us if we take the risky option. We believe we may not succeed so it’s better to be safe than sorry. What rubbish thoughts to think in the presence of all our beautiful and wonderful dreams. We are the dreamers and the dreamers should be doers. Those who have dreams should be the ones pushing back boundaries, daring to take the risk, and facing all odds in the hope that something might succeed.

The dreamers greatest hindrance is themselves. We often kill the dream before we even allow others to see it. We push it down before anyone else has the time to do so. We cower behind our fear and become trapped by it. Our dream of freedom comes from our desire to pursue our dreams without fear.

There will always be fear. There will always be someone ready to shoot down your ideas and try and steal your dreams. Never let yourself believe the lie that someone else has the power to kill your dreams, only you have that power. You allow what others think and say to effect you. You allow the fear to rule over you. Not anymore.

Let today be the day you say enough. Let today be the day you decide your dreams are bigger than your fears. There will never not be fear, but freedom is standing up despite the fear and saying my dream is more important than what the worlds says about it. Freedom is acknowledging the fact that others might not support you and they might try and deter you, but continuing on your journey because you know the only person capable of killing your dream is you. And you’re not going to kill it.


Give yourself the freedom. Allow yourself to take hold of that freedom and hold it above your fear. You are the only person capable of killing your dreams and so you are also the only person capable of making them come true. It is up to you to see your dreams through to the end.

Never stop dreaming and give yourself the freedom needed to do so. You have it in you, all you have to do is make the decision to stand up to any fear you may face. That is when you will find freedom.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Tucked within the comfort of wings that have seen the clouds and felt the rustling wind, she dreams of freedom. Her heart soars far above in the sky and she allows her mind to chase after it with a light step. Always dreaming, always wishing.

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