Day 123: Glowing Dreams

What is your dream? We all have one and if you don’t think you do, stop for a moment. There is something inside of your very soul that stirs and waits to be released. You have a dream, however, sometimes the hardest part about having a dream is realizing you do.

Tucked away under our ribs, very close to our hearts in all likelihood, is a little glowing dream. We all have one and every one is different, unique in its shape, color, size, intensity, heat, etc. But its there pulsating so close to our heart that together they pump life through our veins.

Often in life, we can doubt that we have dreams or that they are of any importance. Yet, this is a lie. There is a dream inside us all and it is of incredible importance. For in all reality, we are the only ones who can see it through till completion. The dream we have is unique, if we never run with that glowing dream guiding our steps, who will?

When we come to our final days and we are shifting through the memories of our life, that glowing dream will be right there with us. If we come to the realization that we never fulfilled that dream, when we die, it dies. Our dream is ours and ours alone. No one else can make our dreams come true, that is our personal task.

Do not allow that beautiful dream that beats inside of your chest to never be completed. There will be this constant aching in our chest if we don’t run after it, because we all know it’s there. Often we just try to ignore it. But if we do not run after our dreams, they will never be true. We have a beautiful dream to release into the world, do not miss the opportunity to show its glowing beauty to everyone else.

The amazing thing about dreams is this, when we chase after them and release that glowing beauty into the world there will be another one to take its place. When we complete our dream that is not the end, there will be another, waiting.

We all have a beautiful dream tucked inside our ribs, waiting for us to run after it. Do not ignore its pulsating vibrancy.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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