Day 122: Learning To Trust

Trust is both an emotion and an act. It is something we can both feel and do and yet it is so hard to trust in anything. We live in a harsh word and we have had harsh experiences in our past. Because of that we begin to reserve our trust more and more until it becomes a rare experience.

No matter how rare trust has become it is vital to life. If we do not trust someone, what’s the point of having a relationships with them? If we do not trust in our journey, what’s the point of doing anything to continue along that path? If we do not trust in ourselves, what’s the point?

There are three areas in our lives that require a large amount of trust in order to produce any worthwhile meaning. We must learn to trust others. We must learn to trust our journey. And we must learn to trust ourselves. Yet we doubt other because we’ve been hurt in the past, we doubt our journey because we don’t want to regret our life, and we doubt ourselves because the world has undermined our confidence in our abilities.

Trust is hard to build, easy to break, and almost impossible to get back. Why attempt to build it in our lives? Because trust brings about our most vibrant life possible. We create deeper relationships when we trust others, we run harder after our dreams when we trust the journey, and we live bolder and bigger when we trust ourselves.

Relationships are a very important part of our lives, we build so many throughout the years some with people that will be around for ever and some with people that will leave at some point. As hard as it is to accept people come and go, some fade away, some go out with a bang. No matter how it happens it still hurts. Those broken relationships tend to leave a stain on our future relationships. We assume that because someone leaves everyone will leave.

We withhold our trust from other because we are afraid if we let them closer they will eventually hurt us and leave. But trust, trust makes every relationships so much better. Allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with someone and building trust between the two of you creates such a strong connection. Trust allows friends to build something that will last. It is the understanding that they have the power to hurt you that brings you closer together.

We are all walking down a very specific journey, we feel called forward by our dreams and our passions. However, there is a little nagging voice that doubts in the direction we are heading. There are so many things we want to do and we wonder if this is really what we’re supposed to be focusing on. Death will eventually come to us all, we want to be sure that what we’re doing will not lead to a death bed filled with regret.

Because we fear regretting the decisions we make, we often become indecisive and don’t continue down our journey. However, trust in our journey and in our dreams propels us towards a future filled with experiences. Not doing anything because we fear regret will lead to even more regret. Running forward, trusting that our journey will lead to a beautiful life no matter what, will lead to far less regret. On our death bed, we will most likely regret the things we didn’t do, not the things we did. Trust in our journey.

No matter what, we are stuck with who we are. We cannot change out ourselves for someone else, this is the body and the mind we get from beginning till the end. We begin to undermine ourselves at an early age, because we are constantly fed the lives of what others are doing. We see these successful people and their accomplishments and we think that we could never be like them. We lose confidence in ourselves and we doubt our abilities. But we’re absolutely right, we cannot be like them because we are not them.

We are a beautifully unique person who has so many amazing experiences ahead of them. They might look different that what the world considers to be success, but it is amazing nonetheless. In order to see this come about, we must trust in ourselves. We must trust that we have what it takes to build a wonderful life. We must trust that we can get through whatever difficult situation we find our self in. We must trust in the fact that we have our back and we can do this.

Trusting our ourselves will lead to the most incredible life we could ever imagine. No we are not like what the world projects as perfect because we are better. We are so imperfect that we are human. We cannot trust the world’s version of a perfect person, because it relies on money and Photoshop and everything fake. We can trust in ourselves, because we have weakness and we have vulnerabilities and we will never be fake. We can trust in ourselves because we have strength and we have resilience and we have determination to build a beautiful life.


Trust often feels like we’re constantly walking around blindfolded. We know we should be going forward but we also know there is a cliff right in front of us. The next step we take will lead into the unknown and that terrifies us. We don’t know if we’ll find solid ground again or if we’ll fall to the every bottom and end up broken.

In order to life life fully, we must trust in others, in our journey, and in ourselves. Without that trust we’ll be shuffling around the cliffs edge for the rest of our lives and building regret upon regret. We have to take that first step, we have to jump in, and trust that there will be something there to catch us. Because there will be something to catch us. Sometimes the landing might be a little bumpy and we might get bruised, but we can take more than we realize. We will not break, we will get through, and we will live life in full vibrancy.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Hilina’i ia’u
(Trust God)
Darkness is all that can be perceived, endless unknowns stretching out beyond the comprehensible world. All that is known is that the journey must be continued even if the next step cannot be seen. Always onward, always trusting.

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