Day 119: A Story About Shoes

Have you ever spent time thinking about shoes? We put them on everyday, own several pairs of them, and yet we often never give a second thought to our almost constant companions. It’s quite a shame really, because there is much beauty in their simple presence.

Shoes come in every shape, size, and style possible. You have everything from flip flops to stilettos to biker boots to loafers. There is literally a shoe for every occasion and for every foot out there. They come in thousands of different colors and from thousands of different brands.

We all own at least one pair of shoes, most of us own more than one pair especially the women out there. We are notorious for owning many, many shoes which I am guilt of having far more than I probably need. Every shoe we own is probably different as well, ranging in what occasion we would wear it to.

Shoes are amazing because shoes tell a story.

If you are in a place where you can, go into your closet and look at all your different shoes. Think back to the different times you have worn them. Where did you wear them last? Where did you wear them first? What prompted you to buy them? What was your favorite memory made in them?

You would be surprised at how many memories fill your mind for each shoe you own. They have literally be in some of our best memories and some of the not so great ones as well. Shoes hold more stories than we give them credit for and looking back on them can really amaze you.

Think of all the places they have been, the different types of surfaces they have tread across. Some have gone from the dirty crowded streets of big cities to a sandy beach. The dusty surface of a forest path to the rough texture of cobbled stones. They have carried you to so many different places.

Shoes mean so much because they have carried us along this crazy path called life. They have brought us from here to there, have traversed some of the roughest surfaces, and have gone literally thousands of miles. They carry us along until they have been used up and then they make room for the next pair of shoes. I wonder how many shoes we have owned since we were born, hundreds most likely. They have brought us through some of our absolute favorite memories.

My favorite pair of shoes are probably my red Vans. I’ve had them for maybe a little over a year and a half and they have been everywhere. From Washington D.C. to New York City and Atlanta. From beaches and forest paths to city streets. From the sweeping landscape of Scotland to the crowded cities of Paris, France. They have gone and done more than I could ever have imaged. So many memories have been made in them and I had the idea for this blog post when I was looking over them and thinking back to all the times I have worn them.

Shoes have stories, our stories. They keep them tucked into their soles just like the memories are tucked into our souls. They have traversed all kinds of landscapes and have gone for thousands of miles. Have special it is to look back on them and realize just how beautiful our journey though life has been. And remember we walk down a path that will not be easy, what kind of shoes will take you on your journey?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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