Day 118: Winter’s Magic

Winter has been and always will be one of my favorite seasons of all. There is something so magical about it. Even with the cold weather and the inconvenience of trying to wear many layers, it has such beautiful moments that often get over looked by the new growth of spring, the warmth of summer, and the colors of fall.

No matter what anyone says, winter is magical. And it is magical for many, many different reasons. Winter can be one of the most diverse and unpredictable seasons of them all. No year brings with it the same kind of weather. Last year we had already had quite a bit of snow, this year it has snowed twice and it lasted for less than a hour.

The unpredictability of winter is one of the things that adds to the magic of it all. However, one of the most beautiful aspects of winter is the fact that the season is based and rooted in endings and change.

Two little things that can have such a huge impact on our lives and the world around us. We have all experienced some sort of an end, where the world turns bleak and hopeless. Periods of depression might set in and it may feel impossible to pull out of. And we have all experienced growth, the growth that comes from that ending. From knowing the end is not truly the end, just the start of a brand new chapter.

Winter goes to show us that endings are beautiful and that they happen in so many different and unique ways. As diverse as the season, our endings in our life will never happen the same way twice.

Winter then goes to show us that endings are never permanent. There will be a time when it feels as if that is all we know and that is all we experience, however, our lives never stay in an ending for too long. The weather will begin to warm and the plants will begin to bloom. Every winter ends with growth, with life in the darkest of times.

As we go through this winter, remember that even with the cold and the harsh conditions this season is beautiful. It teaches us the beauty in endings and the hope in that they will not last forever. Winter is necessary in order for us to appreciate the beauty and consequence of Spring.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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