Day 117: Our Inner Voice

We all have a tiny voice that is constantly talking to us. This little voice lives in our mind and feeds off of what we feed it, whether that is a lie or a truth. Often times we ignore that little voice and continue on with our life, however, it is incredibly important to realize all the things it is saying and most likely change it’s narrative.

Our thoughts dictate what our inner voice says to us. Whatever we feed it, it will regurgitate. No matter if we feed it lies or the truth, positive thoughts or negative thoughts, whatever we feed it, it will spit back out.

We have to be aware of this in order to be better prepared to create a safe mental landscape to dwell in. If we are constantly feeding our inner voice with negative thoughts and lies, we reinforce these false beliefs until we are telling them to ourselves as if it were fact.

Negative thoughts such as “I’ll never be successful”, “My dreams can never come true”, “Why am I such an awkward person?”, or “I wish I wasn’t a shy person” are the kind of thoughts that create a false narrative for ourselves. They are not true, but we feed these lies to ourselves by the spoonfuls until we truly believe them.

In order to live a better, healthier life we have to take control of what we feed our mental voice. That little voice in the back of our head can grow into a monster if we are not careful. We feed it lies and begin to believe those same lies when we begin repeating them to ourselves. This has to be stopped.

The first step is awareness, tune into that little voice. What is it telling you on a daily basis? It is important to take those thoughts captive and really examine them. Are they based in truth? Do you really believe them or do you only believe them because they’ve been fed to you for so long?

Really dig deep into your self talk and make a switch. When you hear yourself saying those lies, shut them down. Remind yourself that they are not based in truth. You have allowed yourself to believe a lie, it’s about time you stop believe it don’t you think?

When these thoughts came to mind, take them captive and change the narrative. “I’ll never be successful” becomes, “I’m not successful yet, but with hard work and dedication I will be in the near future”. “My dreams can never come true” becomes “My dreams will come true because I will stop at nothing to make them happen”. “Why am I suck an awkward person?” becomes “I an confident when dealing with other people and their opinion of me does not matter”. And “I wish I wasn’t a shy person” becomes “I am an outgoing and friendly person”.

It is all about what you tell yourself. If you tell yourself you’ll never be a success you never will be. You have to change what you say. It will feel weird and rather silly at first. But the more you tell yourself what you want to be, that more you will begin to believe it. The inner voice will grab onto the words you feed and begin to repeat them back to you.

You have to reprogram your inner voice through shutting down the negative thoughts and constantly reminding yourself of who you truly are and who you want to be. That will lead to a beautiful and full life.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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