Day 116: Lock And Key

We all have a key. A key that is completely unique and specific to ourselves. No one else in the entire world has a key quite like ours, some may come close, but they will never be truly the same. We are all looking for the lock that our key fits into. A journey that can be confusing and uncertain, but a journey we must all take.

This key is our passions, our talents, and our gifts. The things we so naturally do that we excel at and feel called to do. Our key is what we have to offer to the world around us. It is a gift only we can give and a gift we will never be satisfied with if we never give it.

Some of us know what our key is, we haul it around with us everywhere. Very aware of all the things we want to do, feel called to do, and long to do. Some of us are less aware of what our key is, a journey that must be walked down in order to be content with our lives. However, whether we know what our key is or not is not the real problem.

The real issue is that, even we if know what the key is, we often do not know what lock it fits in. We have this key that weighs on our very heart and yet we do not know where to make it the most useful. We have no idea what to unlock with it.

This is a problem so many of us face. We go through life with this key trying and trying to find the right lock, jamming it into ones we know it won’t work it and trying to force the bolt to turn. But it doesn’t turn and we become discouraged.

My encouragement is this, if you have a key (talents, passions, desires, motivations, gifts, abilities, etc.) there will be a lock. A place it will fit perfectly without having to force it in. A key always goes with a lock, take comfort in knowing it is out there waiting for you to turn it and discover all that lays beyond it. Searching for the lock is simply a natural part of your journey.

Never stop searching because you will never be truly content or happy until your key is slipped into that lock and you find all that waits for you beyond. And oh the treasures you will find. When you discover where you are really truly meant to be, you will discover a life that is filled with joy and amazement and so much beauty. When you are doing what you are meant to do where you are meant to do it, life will be an explosion of wonders beyond imaginable.

Until you find the lock meant for you, use your key to the best of your abilities. You have talents and skills that are yours and yours alone. Use them where you are right this second. You never know what you can accomplish when you do the best with what you have, strive to do what you can in your life right now. Keep your eyes focused on the lock that is waiting for you, calling to you, but do what you can now.

You cannot use up the gifts and skills you have. The more you use them, the more you will have. You will hone in on your skills and intensify your passions. Even if right now right here is not the place you are meant to reach, you are here work with that. But never ever settle.

Settling where you are is the worst possible thing you could do. You will never be happy, not truly. You might be able to convince yourself that you are content, but it’s a lie. Your key will grow heavier when you settle, begging you to continue your search for the lock. Never stop looking. It is out there waiting for you to find it.

You are given a very special key that goes to a very specific lock that leads to a life that is meant entirely for you. Continue your search, you will find it and you will be amazed at how right it feels. Do what you can right here right now, but know this is not your final destination. There is so much more to come.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

Luchair Dhè”
(God’s Key)
Beneath the morning sky, the wind blows gently, whipping around the searcher. With key in hand, each footfall brings them closer to the destination, however unknown and unsure they are of where they may be going.

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