Day 113: Remembering

There are periods of time in life when we just miss something for extended periods of time. It isn’t necessarily that we are sad over missing something, we simply become nostalgic over our past. Whether that be a moment, a person, a conversation, etc. There are simply periods of our life that are spent missing something from the pasts we have already lived through.

The past can be a complicated subject. It exists only in memories and therefore cannot be grasped in the present moment. Depending on how we are feeling in the present moment we will often differ our views of certain memories. We alter our memories and often focus on the biggest emotion experienced at the time, not all of the intricate feelings we were actually experiencing.

Time alters the past, there is no question about it. What we remember is not quite the same as what happened. When we miss certain aspects of the past, we are missing our version of our history. There is nothing innately wrong with missing the past, however, we must be aware that what we miss may not have been the reality then.

Our heart longs to experience the things we have already gone through because we are uncertain of what lies ahead in the future. The path is not clear forward, we do not know the things we will encounter. As opposed to the fact that we know what has passed. We have already experienced that time and know what happens next.

The certainty of the past calls to us while the uncertainty of the future pushes us back.

We begin to romanticize what has already been and we walk down this path of remembrance that seems to be lined with blooming trees and flowering garden. The past can seem so . . . perfect. We become lost in nostalgia and can be stuck there for some time, remembering, contemplating, and desiring to go back. Back to the times we would consider simpler. To the times when everything was a little bit easier. If only we could go back, then it would all be better.

Remembering the past is not a bad thing, everyone should remember it from time to time. If not to smile of the fact that we have lived and been through so much. We have had our ups and our downs, but we always came out on the other side. When we remember what has been it should be in celebration of the fact that we have made it this far.

There will be periods when we become sucked into these cycles of nostalgia, often times in the fall or winter when the world seems awfully dark. However, keep in mind as you allow the memories to stir in your mind that what you are remembering is your version of the past.

We romanticize events and twist them every time they come back to mind. We hardly ever look at a memory the same way we experienced the event. The past we remember is just a shade of the truth.

And remember that you are living in the here and now. The future may be uncertain, however, that is where the possibilities and the opportunities wait. New memories are just around the bend, however, before we can experience the new we must let go of the old. Remember for the time you need to remember, but then come back to the present and make memories.

Do not let new memories slip past you just because your head was turned by old ones. Your favorite memory may not have happened yet, be sure you’re watching for it when it comes.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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