Day 112: Being Your Own Boss

When pursuing the career of your dreams and when you are an entrepreneur, you learn so much about yourself. You learn about yourself in ways you never could have imagined. The last few days especially have been quite the learning curve for me as an entrepreneur.

Recently I have been learning the vital lesson of self-discipline. When you have goals and dreams that you are striving after, it is up to you and you alone to go after them. It is up to you to push to see those dreams come true.

Too often I think we side with the aspect of having comfort in our lives rather than the discomfort of chasing after our dreams. Going after what we want can be quite uncomfortable and possibly even awkward at first. That is the business of dreams, they were uncharted territory and require us to step out of the boundaries we are currently in.

As dream chasers and entrepreneurs it is important to realize you are the drive towards your goals. There is not going to be a boss that motivates you and steps deadlines for your work. You are the CEO of your life and you have to act accordingly.

Today, I made a big mistake. Since I have entered into a new year I made it a goal to create more often than I did last year. At the end of 2019 I realized I had gotten to the point where I was comfortable not creating. I had fallen into the routine of not making art and was comfortable there. Today I wanted to do a photoshoot. It was the perfect weather and I had this great idea in mind that I had been wanting to be for a while. But I didn’t do it. I made the mistake of letting comfort take over my desire to create.

After making the decision I let the day slip by, but by the time it was time to leave for dance I realized my mistake. I suddenly regretted making that decision and not creating. Last year I fell into the grove of not creating and I fell back into that grove today as I chose not to do the photoshoot.

It can be very easy to choose comfort over our dream life. One is a momentary decision with instant gratification and one is a momentary decision with delayed gratification. It can be so easy to choose the now over the future. We have all done it and we will all do it again. However, the first step in making our dreams a priority over our comfort is recognizing the fact that we will always pick the easiest way.

When we are the boss in our life, we must be responsible for the decisions we make. Always consider whether or not what you are doing is progressing you towards your dreams or not. If you are comfortable and relaxed, that is a good sign you are not on the path towards your dreams. If you are uncomfortable and don’t have all the answers, it’s a good sign you are heading directly towards your dreams.

If you have a choice, and you always do, choose your dreams over comfort. If you do this time and again it will become ingrained in your subconscious and you will begin to pick discomfort over comfort knowing the results it will lead you towards.

So tomorrow I will be getting up early and heading into the cold in order to complete the photoshoot I failed to do today. I am going to choose discomfort over comfort knowing that I will be one step closer to my dreams and my dream life.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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