Day 111: Changing Your Plans

Sometimes you have to change your plans, plans you may have had in mind for years and years. Life requires for us to be flexible and able to bend around unexpected changes in our lives, not breaking when we come in contact with them. Plans change and we must change with them.

Recently, I had a major change of plans. I won’t mention what is quite yet, but quite literally in the course of a few days the plans I had laid out years before for what I wanted my future to look like shifted. The goals I had in place are no longer applicable and I have been spending the last couple of days trying to sort out what I want to do now.

This change was necessary and I felt lead to continue on this new path. However, there was a good amount of fear with giving up well laid out plans in order to purse this new direction. I had to be flexible and know that whatever the future might hold this new opportunity would be filled with so many new adventures.

Change means many things, but I know this for sure. Change means growth. When our plans shift and what we thought we should accomplish is not longer that important, we are given an opportunity to do new things. Possibilities that might not have come about any other way are now in your future. People you may never have met might now become close friends.

When your plans change, you are given the opportunity to change your life and discover brand new doors to walk through. Never give up the chance to change. Be flexible because rigidity will only lead to missed opportunities, closed doors, and stagnation.

Life is a constant state of change, everything we do will lead to new decision in the future and the decisions we make will effect our plans. Our goals and plans should never be so solid that they keep us from chasing after what we feel called to chase after. Goals can change and our dreams can shift.

Nothing in life is ever set in stone, allow it to move with the changing times. Your plans may change a hundred times, but that is okay because change allows growth and growth will lead us in the direction of becoming who we need to be to reach our dreams.

Allow change to be part of your planning process, even if that means getting rid of your one year goals or even your ten year goals. Life happens to the best of us and that is something that should be celebrated, change will lead to amazing things we never saw coming. Chase after your plans, but allow yourself to change them if needed.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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