Day 110: Dedication To Your Goals

It is incredibly important to have goals. They are something that helps us determine a point in the future we are trying to work towards. Daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals are important to establish in order to see where you want to go. Being flexible is a must, but being dedicated to them is so incredibly important.

The only way a goal will ever be accomplished is through a certain level of determination and dedication. If you are like most people, you probably set a goal during the New Year proceedings. Many, many people step goals when they enter a new year, however, how many actually follow through with them? Probably a shockingly low number.

Isn’t it unfortunate how few people stay committed to the thing they want to see happen in their life? Let this year be the year you actually see the goals you set in January become accomplished by December. The only way to do such a feat is through dedication.

You must dedicate yourself to the goals you desire to chase after them. You must chase after them with reckless abandon as you go throughout the year. Really consider how important they are for you and decide what you would be willing to get in the way. Certain things will pop up in life and distract you from completing your goals, however, decide right now what you will allow to interrupt.

There is a certain amount of determination and dedication needed to finish a goal. If there is none it will never be accomplished. You have to be willing to push aside other things and spend time on this one thing. Is it worth it to you? Are you willing to spend precious time trying to accomplish that goal? Are you willing to spend precious money trying to accomplish that goal? These are important things to consider as we get deeper into the year.

Without that dedication, the goal will never be finished. But with dedication anything is possible. Even the most outlandish and crazy goals can be accomplished when the goal setter is completely dedicated to them. Dedication is the glue that keeps you chasing after your goals. Decide right now how dedicated you want to be to your goals.

With a good level of determination and a great amount of dedication, anything is possible to accomplish in twelve months.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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