Day 105: Before Strength Of Atlantis

Four years ago I started Strength of Atlantis, my photography business which I have poured my heart and soul into. Yet for the past six years I have been doing photography. There was a period of time when my creations existed outside of my business and out from under the watchful eye of social media.

Before Strength of Atlantis, I was just a girl with a camera chasing after what I considered to be art. I had no idea what I was doing and I didn’t have much practice with knowing what was right and what was wrong. However, none of that mattered because I loved what I was doing and it was fun. For three years I created and never shared it with anyone except those in my family.

I would love to take a moment to celebrate the little girl who didn’t create for anyone beside herself. She had no idea where art would take her, she created because she loved it. And that should be true for all of us. We should create because we love it, because it is fun and it excites our soul.

When we get away from that daring place of creating I think we can fall in line with every other artist out there. When we pursue our passions without fear and without worrying about what the world will think, we will create our greatest work yet. Let’s spend this year going back to the roots of why we create and being brave in what we do with our passion.

These creations are nowhere near perfect and there are so many mistakes that I simply didn’t know how to look for. But they are my beginnings. These images are the images I had to create in order to get where I am now and because of that I am proud of them all.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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