Day 104: A Decade In Review

A new year brings about feelings of change and rebirth. However, this year not only brings with it the start of a new year, but the start of a new decade. The past ten years have drawn to a close and we have now entered into the 20’s. A hundred years ago the roaring 20’s began and a few days ago we began a new version of the roaring 20’s.

Looking back on the year, such as looking back on 2019, provides a chance to look back on the recent past and the recent change. But looking back on the last ten years, all the way back to 2010, is like looking back on a completely different life. When we look back over the ten years, we are witnessing so much change.

A decade is a very long period of time, even though it seems like we blinked and it was over. Enormous change and growth can happen over that period of time. Looking back over such a lengthy period of time can be quite a process, however, as we enter into the next ten years take the time to review the past.

What have you accomplished? What were some of your favorite moments? What lessons have you learned? Who were the most important people in your life during that time? What hardships did you face? What situations did you come through as a victor? What were the happiest moments? What were the saddest moments?

It can be important to focus not only on the best time of our lives, but also the worst. When we look back on the difficulties and sufferings we went through, we can learn so much about ourselves. We can learn from the fact that even though we go through an incredibly dark valley, we will come out on the other side. There might be some bruises or even scars, but we made it through. If you are in a low spot now, it can be encouraging to look back on other low spots that you have come out of. Nothing stays dark forever.

How incredible it is to look back on all that we have gone through. To look back on our life and see that we have indeed lived incredible lives. We have done and seen so much, we have loved so many, and we have so many beautiful memories to bring with us into the future.

Over the past ten years I have gone from an eight year old girl to an eighteen year old adult. I have faced loss and heartbreak, triumph and complete joy. I started photography and began Strength of Atlantis. My family and I moved nineteen hours away from my hometown to an incredible city filled with amazing people. I’ve made so many amazing memories and some not so good ones. There have been some ups and some downs, mountains and valleys, darkness and light. But that’s life isn’t it?

What would be the point of an up if we have never experienced a down? Would we not know how to enjoy the greatest joys in life if we have not gone through the most painful pits of despair?

In all the years of our lives we will face horrific moments, tragedies, grief, sorrow, despair. It is unavoidable. However, that is not all. Because nothing can last forever, eventually the sun will shine again and you will walk out of the valley. The valleys are there to teach us the beauty of the mountain tops. If we do not go through the horrific we cannot know how beautiful the joyful is. Without the dark, light is nothing but average and ordinary.

The next ten years will see me through until I am twenty-eight. These next ten years will cover some of the most important and amazing moments of my life I am sure. I will accomplish and see so much, I will meet so many incredible people and make so many amazing memories. Even so I know there will be hardships and I know there will be struggles, but I know that they will not last. Nothing lasts forever, what grows dark will soon grow light and what feels hopeless will soon be hopeful again.

Here’s to the next ten years and all the beauty they will bring.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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