Day 103: Reclaiming Passion

We all have a passion for something in our lives, whether that be the career field we are in or a hobby we pursue, whatever it might be we all have one. But what happens when we lose sight of our passion and get away from it? What happens when we are no longer doing that which we feel called to do?

At some point in everyone’s life, we reach a moment when it feels like we have gotten away from our passion. This could come in the form of a slow realization or a sudden discovery, but sometimes life just gets in the way and can push out that which we love to do.

It can start at a level that is hardly noticeable to us. One day something comes up and we have to set aside doing something to further our passion in order to accomplish that unexpected thing. Or we may feel too busy to dedicate time to our passion because we would be taking away from our productive time. We may even fall into the habit of ignoring our passion because it is easier and far more comfortable to do so.

I have to be honest with you, at the close of 2019 I felt like I was in this position. My true passion is for creating stories and making meaningful connections with other people. I fulfill my craving to pursue my passion with photography, but at the close of 2019 I felt like I had really neglected my creativity. The last photoshoot I did was mid September, I created 10 images compared to the 52 images I created in 2018, and overall I just felt like my passion for creating had slipped away.

However, the truth about passions is this: the fire is always there, I don’t believe it ever goes away. If it is truly your passion it will continue to burn even if we ignore it. When we ignore it, it’s like blocking a fire from some of its oxygen, it dies down and does not burn as bright, but it does not fade completely. This is where I found myself.

I could still feel the fire burning inside of me, however the flames were small because I had not been feeding it with enough fuel or oxygen. The simmering flames burned at my heart, craving to be released into a raging fire. But I had learned to ignore it, I chose comfort and ease over my passion.

If you have been here before or are there now, let me ease your mind, even when it feels like your passion is gone, you can relight your passion. It is never too late to do so. It may take time, but if you start now you are one step closer to coming back into your passion.

Even when we love something and feel called to pursue it, we can remove it from our list of priorities. Take charge of what you consider a priority, really look at what you’re spending your time on and be objective about what shouldn’t be on that list. We must have replaced the time we gave our passions with something else, so what is it? Maybe it’s time you reorganize your priorities.

If you do not make your passion a priority, you will never have time to chase after it. Carve time out of your schedule, do not apologize for the time you take to satisfy the cravings of your heart. If you feel called to pursue something, maybe you should be spending more time pursuing it.

When you do take the time to pursue your passion, don’t feel guilty about it. Guilt can be a strong motivator towards avoiding what you love doing because you could be doing something else. And yes you could be doing something else, but this (your passion, your dreams, your purpose, your calling) this is what you love doing. Never apologize for doing something you love that makes your soul sing.

After you have made your passion a priority it is time to do the uncomfortable things. You have gotten used to living how you are living, I know I had, you would rather not make that uncomfortable pitch, or do that uncomfortable photoshoot. Whatever it may be, stop allowing comfort to keep you from your dreams.

This is your life. Comfort is optional and sounds fantastic, but consider this. Comfort does not lead to growth, it leads to stagnation and boredom and, honestly, fear. When we remain comfortable we begin to get fearful of change, fearful of discomfort, fearful that stretching ourselves might lead to something bad.

But discomfort, discomfort is beautiful. It leads to growth, new opportunities, dreams becoming reality, adventure, and endless possibilities of what you can do. When you push yourself into discomfort you add oxygen to your passion, you fuel the fire within you. The more you add, the higher the flames burn and the more you crave for that discomfort.

Comfort is the enemy of your passion. You must be uncomfortable in order to move forward. You must embrace a life of discomfort in order to embrace a life of passion. Passions require growth, passions require you to stretch beyond the limits of who you are now. Your passion is calling you into uncomfortable situations in order to fulfill that craving inside of you.

Will you answer that craving? Will you allow it to push you into new situations? Will you allow it to become a priority in your life? Will you allow your passion to consume your heart and soul and propel you into the life you have always imagined?

Only when you make time and push yourself into discomfort will you be able to reclaim your passions. I want this year to be the year we fan the flames of our passions, for far too long we have allow our life to dictate our passion. It is time we allow our passions to dictate our life. Step into discomfort and boldly claim the time your passion requires, this is your life.

Live it well.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

3 thoughts on “Day 103: Reclaiming Passion”

  1. Truly appreciated…nice work and I agree…to pursue the craving and satisfying the passion…one must get out of coziness and comfort zone…to enjoy the sweat and beauty of desire in discomfort zone…loved the blog…keep up great work Lillian…and keep inspiring with your great photography…and passion of way of life… Cheers✌🏼✌🏼

    Liked by 1 person

      1. My pleasure always Lillian…I truly appreciate your work ethics and photography…and motivational blogs…keep up great work…Your amazing blogs while reading brightens my day too ✌🏻

        Liked by 1 person

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