Day 99: Dreaming Of A New Year

Welcome to the new year! I can hardly wrap my mind around the fact that the year is now 2020, it doesn’t even seem like a real year. Yet it is a real year and it is upon us, lets take this moment to really dive into the hopes and dreams we have for our future. Not just in the form of goals, but in the form of complete statements.

When approaching a new year it is vital to write down a list of goals which you plan on accomplishing. Nothing will ever get done if it is not first put into writing and second kept in front of you at all times.

Yet laying out a list of goals isn’t the only thing we should be thinking about at the beginning of the year. Writing out a statement can be incredibly helpful, it allows you to put your dreams down in words and expound upon the why behind your goals. Writing a statement, however long it is, gives substance to your goals.

Spend some time allowing your thoughts to flow freely over a page and think of all your hopes for this coming year. Write whatever comes to your mind, this isn’t about being perfect. This is simply about getting all your ideas, plans, hopes, and dreams for 2020 onto a page for you to look back on over the course of the next few months.

Dreams are wonderful to think about, however, they will only become reality if we begin with the first step. Write them down and once they’re on paper it is easier to transition those dreams into actionable steps. Taking the time to write them down now will make all the difference in the future.

After writing down your statement for this year read back over it. No matter how long it is, it is good to get it all down on paper. Now that it is out of your mind and in the real world try and condense it. While it is good to take it all down, it is also good to have a shorter version. This allows you to look over it more often than trying to read a full page, or pages, of text every time you want to remember where you want to go this year.

For me writing down what I am to do this year in sentences and pages if necessary. I am someone who will use 20 words where one will do and someone who loves to explore the reasoning behind everything. Last year, while being my favorite year, was a rough year for completing my goals. This year I hope to pursue them with more dedication than ever before. This is my statement:

2020 is going to be a year of connection, determination, and adventure. I want to rededicate myself to the pursuit of my dreams and live a life of growth. 2018 was a professional year, 2019 was a personal year, 2020 is going to be a year of combining the two together. I want to make as many memories as possible by spending time with the people I love, doing new things, and stretching myself beyond my comfort zone.

What are you planning on accomplishing this year?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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