Day 97: Setting Goals

The new year is almost upon on. Closer now than ever before and what a year to look forward to, not only is it the start of a new year but a start of a new decade. A chance to begin again and continue on with all of our successes.

A very important part of the new year is finding the time to plan and create goals. 2020 begins on Wednesday, have you taken a moment to think of what you would like to accomplish with the next twelve months?

Take this moment to consider all that you have done or not done in 2019. We have all had our successes and our failures. This year may have been your favorite or your least favorite, but we all have lessons to carry over into the new year. Do not forget them as we continue on with the march of time.

Take tomorrow as an opportunity to slip away from the noise of life to consider all that you can accomplish with your future. You have a wide open expanse of the rest of your life in front of you, what will you do with it? Anything is possible all you have to do is dedicate your heart and time to accomplishing those dreams.

Once you have a few goals written down, break them into smaller pieces. Make them into steps that will be easier to tackle one at a time. Looking at a dream can be so daunting, yet when you break it into practical steps it suddenly becomes realistic. The only way to accomplish a dream is by making it as realistic as possible. How can you break down your long-term goals into short-terms actions?

By far one of the most important steps to making goals is writing them down and putting them somewhere you can easily see them. Goals are worthless unless we are constantly working towards them and if they are not constantly in front of us it can be so easy to forget them. Do not let 2020 be a year you only sleep through your dreams, let this year be a year where you see them become your reality.

Two goals that I am looking forward to pursuing in 2020 are simply these two little statements:

  • Do something every week to further my business
  • Do something every week to further my personal growth

While these are relatively broad goals, I look forward to diving into them each week and seeing where they take me.

Here’s to all the things we will accomplish next year!

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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