Day 94: Potential To Change

Next Wednesday is the first of a new year. Christmas is over and the only other major holiday left in 2019 is New Year’s, it may be time to look forward into this new year and begin planning for the life you wish to create in 2020. This time in-between holidays is perfect for brainstorming and dreaming.

The start of a new year is an opportunity for change and a fresh start. There is something so colossal about the turning over of a new year, even though we are just entering into another day in the long series of days we will live through. In fact the truth of the matter is simple, 2020 will be like every other year we have lived through if we do not dedicate our self to intentional change.

Everything that you dream of now and plan to accomplish in the coming year will never be accomplished, unless you take the very specific and meaningful steps required to seeing them come true. Goals take dedication and in order to grow into your dream self you must be dedicated to that change.

Can people change? I have heard this question asked many times with an array of responses, but here is mine which I believe to be true.

People can change. However, in order to change people must realize first that something needs to be changed and second they must dedicate themselves to seeking out the change. If these two things do not happen, people will be unable to change.

Allow 2020 to be a year of change. Take the next couple of days to evaluate your life within the past days, weeks, months, years. Is there anything that you would like to see changed? Acknowledging the fact that something needs to be changed is quite possibly the hardest part of change. So often people ignore what needs fixing and do not realize that they really truly desire to change something. Realizing something needs to be adjusted is half of the battle.

After the realization comes the motivation. You must be motivated and inspired and dedicated to the see the change come around in your life. Change is never easy, you must be able to withstand complications and frustration and anything else life can throw your way. Comfort is the death of change, we desire comfort as much as change and often this keeps us from striving after our goals.

We must be willing to live uncomfortably in the pursuit of a new life. When we embrace the process of change and the fact that change is possible, then we will be able to bring about the accomplishment of our dreams in the coming year.

Dare to allow 2020 to be the year of seeing your potential fulfilled and your dreams realized. Nothing says we must continue living as we are now, dare to reach new heights and grab hold of the future you desire to see.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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