Day 90: The Making Of The Season

What makes this time of year Christmas to you? Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and Christmas Day is just after that, there is no doubt that we are this in the season of Christmas. Every year it comes around with feelings of familiarity and new hopes. Even though every year it comes in a different and new way, there is something about this time of year that just makes it feel like Christmas.

We all have different memories of Christmas, stretching from our earliest memories to the ones we have already made this year. Because we have different memories there are certain things we associate with Christmas that someone else might not. Christmas means somethings different to each and every person who experiences it.

Because of this there are different things we associate specifically with the season. Even though I cannot remember the last time I had a white Christmas, snow still seems like a major part of the season. A Christmas tree never fails to make me get into the spirit of the season. These are only a few examples of little things that make it feel like it is Christmas to me.

Listening to seasonal music and seeing shops decorated with the holiday colors creates a sense of wonder that coats the world. There is something so peaceful and joyful about this time of the year. Everything seems to incredibly busy, however, when Christmas Eve and Day come around everyone takes a deep breath and relaxes into the comfort of spending time with the people they love.

Christmas is a beautiful time of year and it is a very special one. We gather together admiring lights and antique decorations and warm fireplaces. What makes this season feel like Christmas to you? Is it the beautiful drive through neighborhoods filled with Christmas lights? Or decorating sugar cookies and other goodies?

Everyone sees Christmas in a different light and while the trees, the presents, the decorations, the goodies all add to the holiday we must remember one little thing. Christmas should be made not by stuff, but by the people we are with and the memories we make.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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