Day 86: “Me” Time

How many of us seek out “me” time? This world in which we live seems to be constantly move forward without pausing to catch its breath. Within this whirlwind we are swept away, chasing after goals and tasks. Every so often, we should take a moment and carve out a little bit of “me” time.

This time is rejuvenating and acts as a buffer between us and the world. During this time we are able to refresh ourselves in order to continue with our hurried pace through life. Because life is so busy, it can often feel draining making this “me” time incredibly important. Making time for ourselves within our schedules can often be the most important task out of them all.

“Me” time can look different for everyone. We all have specific needs and desires that must be filled in order for us to feel refreshed, they differ from person to person and that’s okay. The important part is recognizing what areas in your life need to be filled in order for you to feel like a brand new you.

Because everyone has different needs, everyone’s “me” time will look different. It should. This time should be set aside in order to do things that you truly enjoy. Things that don’t feel like a chore and are fun to engage in while disengaging from the world.

From going on a hike to taking yourself out for dinner, reading a book to taking a class at the gym. Whatever you enjoy doing should be worked into your “me” time. This time is meant to energize you and help you relax from the stress you face on the daily. Whether your time is filled with physically active activities or more relaxed activities, such as a bubble bath, a nap, or a movie night, they should be stress free.

Avoid feelings of guilt. Often when you take time out of your schedule to spend on yourself, you can feel guilty because you believe you could be doing something “more productive.” However believe you me, nothing is more productive than taking care of yourself and your mental health. Going for weeks without focusing on yourself is detrimental to our happiness and contentment with life.

Claim your “me” time with pride. This time is yours, nothing can take it from you and nothing is more important than taking a break from the busyness of life. Take as long as you need to feel refreshed, whether that be a few hours, the entire day, or maybe even a weekend. Really check in with yourself to see how much time you need to set aside.

The most important part about this “me” time is making sure reality doesn’t creep in. Put it on your calendar, tell those around you what your plans are and ask that they limit the amount of interferences. Turn off your phones notifications and avoid scrolling endlessly through social media, it can appear relaxing but is truly just as draining as our schedules. Make this time untouchable, it is your time keep it that way.

For me, my favorite ways to spend “me” time is curled up in a blanket on a nice comfy chair or in bed with a book. Whether it be a new book I’ve been dying to read or a beloved favorite, this action is truly refreshing. My mind is engaged in something other than my life and it is so easy to get lost for hours at a time.

Find what refreshes and rejuvenates you and make it a habit to schedule in “me” time for as long as you feel you need. Take a break, you’ve earned it.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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