Day 83: Happy Things

Being happy is an incredible feeling, one of the best feelings in the world. It can sometimes seem as if the world is opposed to people being happy, however, we should seek out the happy things in life. Which is why I would like to share a few things that make me happy in the hopes of inspiring you to find your own happiness.

These are just a few things that make me happy:

The sound of rain on a window pane

Christmas lights

Going to Goodwill and finding vintage clothing

When you laugh so hard you end up crying

Wearing rings

Spending time around a warm fire with family

The sound of a camera shutter

Forgetting about time when doing something you love

A nice warm cup of tea

The sound of high heels on the pavement

Completing a fine art image

The ocean at sunset

Dancing in the rain under a rainbow

Traveling just about anywhere

Driving through forests during Autumn

Journaling for hours at a time

Stuffed animals

Waking up in the morning with sunlight streaming in through a window

Antique stores

Business suits and blazers

Talking to friends over FaceTime

Listening to 40s music

Running on the treadmill

The ocean at sunrise

Falling asleep in a car on a road trip and waking up slowly

Watching the snow fall silently


Spotify Premium, endless music without ads

A good old fashioned thunder storm

Being able to waltz with someone

Collecting snow globes

Peeling pain on old doors

Playing hide and go seek as well as tag

Spinning a globe

Completing a dance performance and feeling good about it

Wearing a ballgown

The smell of the earth after it has rained

Going through old photos

Reading Jane Eyre and books in general


These are just a few things that make me incredibly happy. Let me know what makes you happy in the comments below.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

5 thoughts on “Day 83: Happy Things”

  1. Unicorns, glitter, stars, old aged lace, something so bold it makes you uncomfortable, friendship that feels strange when you aren’t together, those first sprouts of greenery and the first bud of a rose bush, songs that make moments better and memorable, historic British isles, the first time your toes feel the sand after many suffered months, jewelry that sparkles with beauty and a reminder, silence, the pulled strings on your favorite blanket.

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  2. Wonderful write Lillian…
    I feel happy…when I am in my village with family and tea and cows grazing grasses…
    Sound of Nature….
    Waving winds and dancing trees slowly slowly…
    Beautiful ripe fruits in trees and green grasses lovely nature and by watching sunrise and sunset…and orange sun smile during dawn and dusk..
    And music according to mood… soothing…
    And watching people faces smiling showing love and respect towards each other…

    Completing short term goals…
    Helping needy one’s if I can help them…makes me most happy..
    And cherishing the blessings unsaid…
    I think I need to figure out more happiness…
    Yes one more… raining rainbow…and smell of earth…and soil… travelling to unknown places…and memories and memorable moments when recalling in solitude and loneliness ….writing poetry makes me happy too…
    Thanks for sharing lovely blog Lillian.
    Keep up great work🌻

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    1. I cannot tell you how happy reading your comment made me! Truly I agree with everything that you said, sunrises and sunsets, the smiling faces of love and respect. Indeed all of these are incredibly happy things and I couldn’t help smiling while reading through them.
      Thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful day!

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