Day 79: Why We Create

One of the most important aspects of being a creative artist is simply the why. Why do you create? Why did you feel the need to start sharing your beautiful creations with the world? Unlocking the simple fact of why you are an artist can lead to amazing new discoveries.

We all create for one reason or another. No matter the medium we are using, whether it be paining, drawing, graphic design, photography, dance, etc., there is a meaning behind why we continue creating.

Sometimes the reason changes over time as we grow as artists. When I began photography, my why was to be exactly like an already well established artist. When I realized how destructive of a reason that was, I dropped that why and began looking for a different one. After a year of searching, I was able to create a why around my work.

Sometimes our why comes naturally at the beginning of our journey. Sometimes it is created as we go along on our journey. However, you find your why does not have a large standing in the end. What matters the most is that you have a why. Without knowing why you create your work will lack the ability to impact others.

When we create from a place of understanding and depth, we can share creations that are not only impactful to us, but have an impact on others. Meaning is universal. There is someone out there in the world going through something similar to you and they can identify with you why as well.

Create for yourself. Keep in mind that by creating for your own why you will be able to create for someone else’s as well. They will be able to look at your work and experience a connection with the purpose behind the creation. Why enables us to reach others in a way that will leave a lasting impact.

Finding your why may be a process. Chase after your passions and themes that stand out to you, eventually you will discover and craft the reason behind your art. When you craft your why you will be able to always find inspiration for new creations. Why will inspire your work for years to come.

Allow it to shift as you go along your journey, it will always be a process and it may change over time. Your why now might not be your why in a few years, that is simply the progression of life and art.

So what is your why? Why do you create?

I create in order to share the beauty of life, for even in the darkest moments there is light to be found.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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