Day 78: Watching Life Unfold

Isn’t it interesting to watch how life pans out? The decisions we make and the decisions those around us make effect our life in one way or another. For better or for worse, it can be quite entertaining to watch and see how these little – or big – choices change the course of our lives.

There are times in our lives when we can see the events panning out in front of us in a way that was greatly unexpected as a result of a few decisions we made. More often than not, our lives unfold day by day without us paying attention to how they happen. Yet there are times when you watch your life unfold and are very aware of the events going on around you.

During these times it can be hard to feel like you are in control of what is going on. You realize the things happening are going on because of the decisions you’ve made, yet there is little you can do now to influence them in any way.

This is your life, however. In all the good moments, in all the bad moments and in every single ugly moment. This is your life and no matter how aware you are of it unfolding around you, we can have the incredible pleasure of watching it go by. Every moment holds some sort of precious piece of us in it.

What we are experiencing now is just a small outcome from all the decisions we have made up until this moment. As you go into the future, keep that in mind. The choices and the decisions you make now will impact and influence your days to come. While they may not seem important at this second, they will eventually become far more prevalent.

Enjoy the life you are living and make decisions in the here and now that will lead to a better future.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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