Day 75: Caring From A Distance

Sometimes the greatest thing we can do for ourselves and for others is to care from a distance. When we care about something or someone it can be a time consuming and an emotional roller coaster ride, and there are times when maybe we need to take a step back.

How often do you place the needs of others above your own? While this is a wonderful practice to get into the habit of doing, it can sometimes become destructive. We can take caring for others too far and place everything above our own needs.

There are times when our own needs go by neglected and mistreated because we are focusing all our energy on others. Being there for others and offering them help is a vital part of having relationships with others. However, we need to conserve enough energy for ourselves. There has to be some amount of energy we are willing to exert in order to take care of our own needs.

We are there for others all the time, how often are we there for ourselves? Especially when we really need it. We have needs just like everyone around us, they need to be taken care of or we will suffer because of it.

Check in on yourself, how are you doing? What are some needs that are going by unnoticed? In order to be able to care for others need must first care for ourselves. We cannot suffer and offer solace at the same time and expect to be unaffected by it. Helping ourselves and building up strength mentally and emotionally will allow us to be of better help to others.

There are times in our lives, when maybe it is best to care from a distance for a time. This does not mean blocking people from you or pushing people out of your life. It simply means being there for them if they need you while taking time to be there for yourself. If you are not at your strongest and healthiest, trying to help others with their struggles will only weigh down on your heart even more.

Be there, but be there while you take care of your own heart. Take the day to really invest in your own well being, if you need longer take more time. Care for yourself so you can better care for others. It is not selfish to invest time in yourself, you need it as much as those around you. It’s okay to step back and say “I care, but right now I need to give myself some love.”

Don’t forget to care about yourself and to be there for yourself when you are caring and being there for others. It’s just as important.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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