Day 72: Watching The Sun Rise

Each day without fail the sun rises above the horizon and glimmers in the air. Each morning there is a sunrise and each morning the world is reminded that today is a new day. No sunrise is every the same, they differ from one to the next and never show themselves the same way twice. That is the beauty in a sunrise.

A sunrise is a magical moment, no other part of the day can compare to its beauty. While sunsets are similar in many ways, these two are so distinctly different. The sunset is all about endings, saying goodbye, closure, etc. But a sunrise…a sunrise is something else entirely.

It is a very special moment in time where the entire world holds its breath in anticipation. The night falls gently away to reveal a new day. A day full of possibilities and opportunities that have yet to be discovered. During this golden hour, anything is possible for the entire future is before you. Those lucky enough to witness the beautiful masterpieces that begin every day know that the world is just different at those times.

We all crave new beginnings and fresh starts. Often we look to the start of a new week, new month or even a new year as that chance to start over. However, we miss the beginnings that happen every day right under our nose or more commonly behind our eyelids as we lay sleeping.

Every day we are given the opportunity to start over. We have no reason to wait for a new year in order to face a new beginning, there is one waiting for us every time we get up in the morning. Nothing has touched this day yet, it is the start you have been looking for. You can literally do anything with today it is yours for the making.

So sunrises are incredible because they are new beginnings. They show us that not every night will last forever and there will always be a light on the horizon to greet you. What will you do with your next sunrise?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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