Day 68: Looking To An End

As we enter into the very last month of this year and decade, my thoughts begin to turn towards contemplations of endings. It is ultimately inevitable as we begin to draw closer to the final hours of 2019. There is so much to consider, all that has happened in the past and all that could happen in the future.

Endings are beautiful, are they not? So much wrapped up in a single moment, sometimes they happen at a definable point such as midnight on New Years yet often they happen unexpectedly without any warning. Yet in all of their comings there can be something so beautiful about them, even if it can only be perceived later on.

These moments of closure are perfect times in which one can engage in looking back on the past. Especially as we get closer to a new year, this month is a wonderful chance to look back on all the things we have accomplished throughout the other months. All the things that went really, really well and all of the things that didn’t go so well. Memories are precious treasures, not only are they part of who we are but they also provide us with lessons that we can learn from the past. Taking the time to contemplate those lessons can be incredibly beneficial when progressing into a new year.

Not only can we look to our past for lessons, but we can look back to simply find reasons to smile. Think of all the incredible blessings we have been given throughout the days of our lives. So much has happened in a year, let alone our entire lives. Endings can be a wonderful time in which we can reflect on all the beautiful moments of our story. The amazing people we know, the opportunities we have had, the experiences we lived through. So many blessings have occurred in our time, this month is a great time to look back on them.

Not only are endings times when we should look back, but they are also times in which we should look forward. Our entire lives are before us and we can do anything with them. This month is the best time to prepare for the coming year by setting goals, making plans, and dreaming of all the things you can accomplish. The possibilities are absolutely endless, now is the time to dream big and plan for absolutely anything you can think of. If you never dream you will never be able to do, so now is the time to look forward.

Looking forward enables us to consider all the options open to us. A new year, a new beginning. Yes there must be an ending, however, with every ending there will be a beginning. These are the best opportunities to change everything about our life and our walk. We can ultimately change at any time, yet there is something so significant about changing at the start of a new year. It feels just a bit more special than starting something on any other day. As we get closer and closer to 2020 think about all the things in which you might want to change or start.

Endings are beautiful things. They hold so many memories and so many dreams, they contain our past and our future all at once. It is impossible to escape an ending, life is full of them. Yet it is important to realize after every ending there will be a beginning, one just has to endure the end before they can reach the start.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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