Day 66: The Time We Are Given

Time moves in an incredible way. Days go by and they feel like years, yet when you look back it feels like seconds have gone by. This is the beautiful and painful part of time, yesterday feels like years ago yet years ago feels like yesterday.

The year grows steadily toward a close, there is only 32 days left before we reach 2020. A turn of a decade is an incredibly brand new start and chance to begin again with just about anything. Even so it seems like just yesterday we entered into 2019.

Only sixty-six days have passed since I began with this blog post challenge. The time has passed so quickly it’s practically impossible to believe. Looking ahead I can see the three hundred days left and am amazed at how long that sounds, yet I know in a flash they will be all over with. Looking ahead towards something can always seem like it will take forever to get there, but we all know it will come far faster than we realize.

Time is precious, once it is gone it is gone forever unless we are to dwell on it through memories. The time that has passed us by is incredibly special, it holds the story of who we are. As we gear up for the new year and the chance to make new memories, be thankful for the time you have already experienced.

No matter how many years we have lived through, we can always be thankful for the time we have been given. The people we have met, the things we have done and experienced, all of it is engrained in the timeline of our life. Try and be thankful for all that we have gone through and all that we will go through, even though we may not know what time has in store for us.

Time can be a whirlwind around us, one minute can stretch into years and years can feel like a minute. Wishing for more time will only make it fly faster, be thankful for the time you have experienced and look forward to the time you will be able to experience.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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