Day 64: Being Thankful

What are you thankful for? Tomorrow is Thanksgiving day, a time for celebrating with family and eating all the amazing food prepared special for the holiday. It is a time that is unfortunately known and stereotypically classified by the amount of strife and anger it causes amongst those gathering together.

I would like to keep it rather short today and simply pose a question for you to contemplate as you go into tomorrow’s celebration. We’ll most likely be faced with multiple taxing situations, that’s what happens when you put a group of people together with different beliefs and opinions. Multiple things could go wrong, hardly anything ever happens perfectly so there is a good chance something will go awry.

Even so during all the hardships and the conversations you cannot stand, ask yourself what you can be thankful for in that moment. What little instance can you truly be grateful for? Your mother-in-law brings up politics, why are you grateful for her? The turkey burns in the oven, what other dishes do you love to enjoy during this time of year?

Even in the most taxing, most frustrating situations you can find something to be thankful for. It will definitely be hard and you may want to get annoyed or complain about something, however try your best to enjoy the entire day.

Tomorrow is a holiday about giving thanks for all that we are given, join me in trying our best to enjoy every moment of it. What are you thankful for?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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