Day 63: Thankful For Peace

In the midst of such a busy life it can be hard to find moments of calm. We are always trying to rush around and get as much done as possible within a single day and can often run right past moments of peace. This can lead to days filled with stress and tension, when we ignore the calm we ignore the time we are given to be peaceful.

As we go into this week of thanksgiving, try and be thankful for the time we are given each day. Often it may feel like we never have enough time to accomplish all of the things on our to do lists, yet we are only allotted 24 hours a day. Be thankful we get even that much, can you image if our days were even shorter? Then after being thankful for all of the time we are given, try and be thankful for the moments of peace that can be found. Sometimes these moments of peace can last for seconds, minutes, or even an entire day.

I found a moment of peace yesterday when my mom and I visited a historic building and spent time walking along a little beach. It was a chance to get away from reality for a day and spend it with a loved one. These peaceful moments can be so rare, yet so incredibly beautiful. Take time to fully appreciate them.

Then seek out the peace and seek out the calm. As we gather with family this week and enjoy a holiday, be sure to sneak away and spend a few minutes in your own presence. Sipping a cup of coffee in the morning, taking a brisk autumn stroll, whatever you can manage to sneak away and do be thankful for that.

In this crazy busy life spend time during the holidays seeking out the peace. You may be surprised at how much time you can find to simply relax and enjoy being alive. We do not have to be continually striving after something, sometimes it’s okay to just be alive and watch the world go by. Be thankful for the peace you find in the midst of a busy life.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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