Day 59: Friends Are Blessings

Friendships are by far one of the most important things we can create while we walk this earth. The people we build relationships with have such a strong influence on our lives and can be this enormous blessing.

As we go through our lives, we meet new people and make little decisions that may seem inconsequential at the time but ultimately lead to whether or not to we form a friendship with this new acquaintance. What we decide can lead to bonds that last for short periods of time or for years and years without end.

The longest friendship I have has lasted for over seven years, has survived several moves between the two of us, and the unfortunate fact that we have never lived in the same city. Others I have crafted since I moved to the area I am in and they are being tested by various moves. One old friend resurfaced after years of silence.

No matter the circumstances surrounding a friendship, they add flavor to life that would otherwise be missing. Comfort, support, encouragement, etc. The list of things friends add to our life is practically endless.

Friendship is a beautiful element of life that adds a warm glow to our days. In our sad moments, in our happy moments, in any moment we can experience a good friend will be willing to go through it all with you. And the good ones stay.

There may be times when we lose a friend, I have lost my fair share of them, and while it is incredibly hard to go through this experience, it is for the best. If they leave your life know that there will be someone else down the road who’s friendship will come to mean more than theirs ever did. Losing a friendship is one of the worst things to experience, but the good ones stay.

Those that are truly there for you will never leave. No matter how long it has been since you’ve talked, no matter what you go through, they will always be there for you in the end. That is the kind of friendship we all strive for and it will come to us. We will eventually find that person who we cannot imagine living without, we would gladly go through anything with them and they would do the exact same thing for you.

Friendship is light on the darkest of days and is nourishment for our souls. Keep those dear to you close to your heart and tell them on a regular basis just how much they mean to you.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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