Day 56: Enjoying The Holidays

The year is winding down to the last few moments. There are only forty-two more days until we enter into a completely new year. As each day passes we get closer to the holiday season and the end of this year.

This time of year, however amazing and wonderful it might be, can seem quite a bit crazy. The shopping, the crowds, the endless parties and gatherings, not to mention the traffic find their ways into our daily lives from before Thanksgiving until after the New Years. The hustle and bustle of the holidays is no lie and can be very tiring.

Yet this time of year is supposed to be about the exact opposite. It is supposed to be a relaxing time of year where we can gather together as families, surround ourselves with friends, and enjoy being together. What should be about making memories and honoring traditions becomes this production.

Thanksgiving is next week and after that it is full speed ahead until we get to Christmas followed closely by New Years. As you venture into this season of giving and being with those you love, take a moment to slow down. Forget about making the holidays perfect, forget about giving the absolute best gift, forget about the hustle.

Remember that this can be a time of year that is filled with magic. If we are constantly rushing around we could miss out on this. We miss the moments that create the wonder of the season because we are simply to busy to see them. Look out for the little things and the experiences that are not in your plans.

Often times the things we remember the most are the times when we stepped back and focused on what was going around us. We actually took time to be with the people at a gathering or we actually took the time to sit and watch a classic movie. When we slow down we allow the wonder time to creep into our eyes.

Never forget that the holidays are not a production. This is your life and it does not have to be perfect. Look for the small moments you can enjoy that require you to step out of the busyness. The first snow fall, gathering for family meals, looking at Christmas lights, even writing out goals for the new year. There is magic to be found in all of it, you just have to be willing to look for it everywhere.

As we enter into this holiday season give yourself the chance to slow down and simply be in the moment. That will make for the best memories.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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