Day 51: Ebbs and Flows

Consistency is something that everyone looks for in life. In their personal lives, in their job, in their studies. We all have taken strides to provide some sort of consistency or stability in the life we are living. The truth is, however, that nothing is consistent.

Life ebbs and flows like a constantly changing river. Nothing is every constant. The sooner we realize this and accept it the sooner we will be able to handle whatever life decides to throw our way.

Even minor inconveniences or threats to our consistency can send us into spirals of panic and stress. We fear the coming change of events because they come with uncertainty and we cannot see what comes on the other side. Life brings about so much uncertainty, it is part of being alive. We have no idea what the next moment will hold for us and that is okay.

Nothing is ever predictable, even the best laid plans go awry. Because of this it is so incredibly important to allow yourself the opportunity to be flexible. Those who are rigid and resist anything that threatens their consistency are destined to break at some point. Life does not bend to the plans and goals of people, people must bend to the events that come up during life.

Allow yourself to be fluid, shift with the flow of life and be flexible. Resisting will only lead to unhappiness. New opportunities and experiences are just around the corner waiting for you to reach them. However, if you try and cling to the shore and avoid the flow you will never reach them.

You have to let go of this false idea of control and consistency. They may exist for a period of time, but they will always be undermined by life. Letting go will lead you to being able to adapt better to whatever life throws at you. Instead of being rigid and breaking when life hurls you around a new bend in the river, you will simply shift around it. Adapt and enjoy floating down through your life.

Come to appreciate the ebbs and flows of your life. Nothing is consistent and that is what makes every day so beautiful and unique.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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