Day 47: Our Personal Relationship

One of the most important relationships we have is with ourselves. Nothing we do could ever separate us from us, no matter what we do we will always be connected with ourselves. Our longest and most enduring relationships will always be with who we are.

This relationship that we have, it endures from birth to death. Each day we add onto it with thoughts and introspection, as time passes our understanding grows and grows. There are times when we should check in and see how this important relationship is fairing.

The world can be such a consuming and tiring place to live. There are days that just fly by because we are so busy engaging in events and tasks and everything besides ourselves. By doing this over and over again, we can begin to lose sight of that relationship with who we are on the inside.

Our inner relationship is incredibly important because everything stems out of it. What we think of who we are will translate into how we treat others, the kind of people we attract, and the type of situations we think we are worthy of having. Never underestimate the power of having a great and healthy understanding of who you are, it directly effects everything that is happening around us.

Because of this, it is necessary to check in every once in-a-while to see how we’re doing. Just like we wouldn’t leave of friends for weeks on end, we shouldn’t leave ourselves for extended periods of time. We need to make sure this relationship is blossoming.

We can get so lost in the flow of life that we lose sight of the flow of our heart. Are we thriving or are we withering? Are there certain thoughts in our head that should be weeded out? Before we can instill a great relationship with ourselves we may need to cut a few things out or change some things up.

Our idea of self-worth or self-image has a huge effect on our lives, if it is suffering we will often go through life suffering because of it. Take the time to evaluate this relationship and give yourself some grace. We are not our circumstances and we are not our past. There are endless days before us and endless opportunities to do new things.

If our relationship is indeed lacking, spend some quality time alone getting to know yourself. It is vital that we fix our relationship with ourselves before we try and fix our relationships with others, one stems from the other. Check in, how are you doing? How is your relationship with yourself? And most importantly, how can you improve it?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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