Day 46: Allow Change

I was looking through pictures from earlier this year today and it amazes me how much I have changed over the course of a few months. The person I was who started this year is definitely not the person sitting writing this blog post. And how amazing is that?

Life is such an incredible gift and isn’t it amazing that over the course of years, months, or days we can change everything? Whether through experiences like traveling or learning something new during school, we have the opportunity to shift who we are as a person. Life has a way of changing us, often times for the better.

If you looked back over the course of your life, could you pinpoint exact moments where you morphed into a new person? How many times have you shed the skin of who you were to step into a new version?

During my life there have been many versions of myself. I have donned new versions intentionally and changed unintentionally. Life is simply that way, we can grow through experiences as well as through conscious choice.

How lovely it is that we have the ability to change who we are, we do not have to remain the same. When we remove change from our lives we can become stagnant and unresponsive to new opportunities. Allowing change in our lives allows us to move with the tides of life. The world is in constant fluctuation and if we do not allow ourselves to be fluid, the change will completely crush us.

Allow yourself to slip from one version to another. Cultivate change and grow from the inside out. If we had to remain the same throughout our entire life, can you imagine how bored we would get? Instead we are given the beautiful opportunity to change who we are simply by desiring change.

There will be some circumstances we go through that will change us completely, however, we should also be aware of the change needing to take place. Change your heart, change your mind, change your life, and then do it again.

This is your life, what do you want to do with it?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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