Day 45: Being Giddy

There are some days, such as this one, where nothing incredibly special happens. It is a normal day filled with normal activities with nothing happening out of the ordinary. Even so, as you go about your day there’s something so beautiful about simply being alive.

Today was one of those days for me.

Nothing is going perfectly today, I’m fighting off a cold, I am up to my ears in school work, and ate far too many pieces of leftover candy. Yet there’s something so perfectly magical about a simple day filled with nothing but the routine. Tonight as my mom, sister and I were watching a movie, they pointed out how giddy I was.

They’re right, I’m not often as giddy as I was today. Our natural tendency is to walk through life with a frown on our face and a pessimistic outlook on life. How unfortunate that is. People should notice when we’re not smiling and when we’re not giddy. Life is far too amazing to walk through it without some joy.

Every day has something to offer, even sick days. Little moments like cups of tea or slices of cake (I may have had cake as well), looking through photos from recent trips, and studying something you’re actually interested in. These are the things that make the boring and the routine amazing.

When we forget about the beauty of life we can begin to think everything is so incredibly monotonous. Life is the farthest thing from dull and boring, it is full of life and color and beauty and a million things to be giddy over.

So I encourage you to just be giddy about life. You’re alive! What an incredible thing, never forget how beautiful and incredible that simple little thing is.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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