Day 44: Complex Memories

Memories crowding into our mind at any given second. They press up against our mental barrier and spill into our minds eye. Scenes we can no longer go back to replay over and over causing us to lose grip with the reality we are experiencing. Memories can be one of the most beautiful things about life and one of the most painful.

If we had a chest in which we could pile our most valued memories inside, how big would it be? For those of us who look back upon the past with fondness maybe the chest is filled with beautiful memories we simply cannot let go over. And for those of us who look back a little less fondly only have a few extremely special memories.

However many memories fill the chest, the past is filled with them. Good ones, bad ones, and ones that are neither good nor bad but are a combination of both. Often times we over simplify memories and the emotions we associate with them.

Time eliminates the presence of multiple emotions and focuses on the biggest one felt during that time. Complex times in our life become either happy or sad or angry, etc. The smaller things we felt are glazed over and forgotten. No day is ever completely happy or completely sad, we often feel mixed things during any given moment.

This can be why memories feel so magical, the good days are gleaming with sunshine because we forgot that while we were having fun our mind was worrying over something else or a day at the pool was laced with anger over a fight we had recently. No day is every completely sunshine and rainbows, however, they can be so easily forgotten and we lose sight of the reality of the past.

Never forget that the past was just as complex as the time we are living in now. A year can be both the best and the worst at the same time, a beautiful experience can have underlying feelings of sadness. When looking back on those memories that sneak into our head, try and be honest with yourself. What other feelings did you have during that time? What were you going through underneath it all?

We are such complex people no event, no memory, no experience is ever simple. Try to see through the golden haze of a memory and see the emotions that were surrounding it. More often than not the simple memories we have are more intricate than we seem to believe.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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