Day 43: Timing

Timing is everything. We live in a world that has a constant flow of time and we are constantly living for the next moment. Our generation more than ever before is of the mindset of wanting it now and wanting it as soon as possible. However, timing does not always happen when we want it to.

Nothing we do or say will hurry the course of our life along. We may want something this second, yet the timing may not be right. What we want may indeed be intended for us by the Creator, however, it may not be time in our life for that particular thing.

Sometimes we have to engage in some sort of change to allow certain things to come into our life. Obstacles that are not observable to our eyes may be blocking the flow of blessings that are heading our way, because of that we long for them and do not receive them. We become flustered with the fact that what we want is not happening and can become angry with life.

It is not always about the right here right now. We may need to wait. Wait for our circumstances to change. Wait for us to change. Wait for someone else to change. There are seasons of waiting in our life. While in them they may seem to stretch on forever, however, we are not destined to wait forever. Eventually the time will come.

So as we go about our days, wanting and wishing, remember that sometimes it is not about that which we crave. Maybe it is about the change we must go through in order to be prepared to receive such an item. Who we are now might not be who we need to be in order to receive that which we want.

What is meant to be will be in its own time. Nothing we do or say will ever alter the fact that we cannot hurry nor slow down time. It will come when it comes, not before and not after. We must wait and we must strive after change.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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