Day 40: Exploring Solitude

There is peace in the presence of solitude. Slipping away from others and finding beauty in the moments of quiet and calm. Drifting away from reality by disconnecting from it for a short time can have a beautiful stress relieving quality.

Solitude, in certain small quantities, can allow us to recover and process all the things we have been through throughout a day. By retreating to an area with less activity and people, we are allowing ourselves to escape from social pressure and to reconnect with ourselves. It gives us a chance to see how we are doing on the inside.

Life is full of a constant busyness that is often romanticized. People believe that doing something constantly makes them successful or meet some sort of implied standard. Yet this busyness can be draining and hard to keep up for long periods of time. Life is exhausting when we are needed to perform 24/7, there is an unseen pressure weighing down on our chests keeping us moving forward.

Being able to step away from this constant hustle for even a few moments can be an incredible beneficial moment. We take the opportunity to step away, detach from the crazy pace of life, and come back to ourselves.

In solitude, our focus turns towards introspection. We focus our awareness of ourselves and take leave from the world for a little while. Doing this from time to time is very important because it allows us to see how we are really doing. Taking the time to explore our minds during moments of solitude can lead us to amazing discoveries about our life.

Solitude allows us to slow down enough to detect things we already knew, yet never had time to accept or process. Solitude allows us to find peace in being alone and it gives us time to understand all that we have gone through. Never underestimate the power of taking time to yourself and escaping from everything for just a little while. You will find yourself refreshed and ready to face whatever life throws your way.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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