Day 39: To Hold

There is something so beautiful about someone’s hands. They have stories in every crease and scar, telling us a little bit about the person they belong to. They serve as a very practical feature, yet there is so much meaning in their existence.

Our hands allow us to hold. To hold onto that which is meaningful to us. We have held so many wonderful things with our hands, think of all the people we have loved who we have held. If we could read our past on the back of our hands, we could see a list of all that we have held to our heart.

How long would the list of names be? How many people have you held with your two hands? How many family members, friends, and significant other would be listed there on your skin? Have you been generous with your touch and loved beyond yourself? Have you been afraid to hold too many because of the possible pain?

Connection is one of the most meaningful parts of being alive. We develop friendships from an early age and continue to do so as we go through life. Touch is a physical representation of the connections we make with people. The deeper our connection with someone goes, the less of a physical barrier there is. Hugging someone, holding their hand… These are the things we do when they mean the world to us.

Yes our hands are beautiful because they tell the story of who we have loved and have been able to hold. Every hand that we have touched is different. Some have been soft and delicate, hardly holding a blemish. Others have been toughened by years of hard work and have well earned calluses. They belong to a unique and beautiful souls that we have the wonderful opportunity to hold.

However, hands are also for letting go. We must learn when it is time to release that which we have been holding onto for too long. Sometimes the greatest form of love is knowing when one must set something free. There is a delicate balance between holding on and letting go, a balance we must learn as we walk through life.

Hands are so incredibly beautiful, they tell a story and they belong to an incredible person. What do your hands have to say about you? What stories could they tell?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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