Day 36: Transitions

Nothing is quite as wonderful as a rainy Autumn day. The way the light raindrops tap gently against the window panes and the fall colors explore with a breath taking brilliance. As cliche as it sounds, Autumn is truly the most beautiful and cozy season of them all.

I have always been (and always will be at heart) a winter lover. Everything snow flakes and icicles. Yet this year has become a process of me falling in love not just with the Autumn months, but with the symbolism behind this season.

As the seasons begin to shift and the green of the landscape fades, fall takes over. However, there is something so fleeting and temporary about this season. Winter comes and seems to stay forever and the summer months stretch on for eternity. But Spring and Autumn, in their own way, are transitional seasons. They symbolism the coming of something.

For Autumn, that is the coming of an ending.

This season is all about saying goodbye to the beauty and light of summer. It is an ending, yet how beautiful it is. Nature explodes with colors of reds, oranges, and yellows. On rainy days the world seems to hold its breath as dark ravens fly overhead. It is the season of saying goodbye.

Although it might be hard to say goodbye to the beauty and wonder of summer, Autumn is a reminder that even when something is coming to an end there is magic to be found. For in reality, it is never really over. This ending only leads to a new beginning. Over and over the seasons flow. The comings and the goings of everything beautiful and magical.

Yes, Autumn is a reminder that there is beauty in and ending.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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