Day 33: Our Inner Voice

What are the lies that we tell ourselves? What do we believe about who we are? More often than not we tell ourselves lies and we accept them as fact. Our inner voice has power over what we believe in and what we believe about ourselves.

This little voice in the back of our mind speaks to us all the time, it is the commentary of our life. What it says has impact and sway over us. We notice this voice the most when making comments about ourselves or others around us. Sentences like, “I look….”, “Wow, they….”, or “Gosh, I wish….” Little phrases like these fill our mind constantly, some days they are positive affirmations. However, more often than not these phrases drag us down.

We criticize ourselves and others with this inner voice, and it can get out of hand very easily. We spiral into this funnel of self-hate because we lack control over our mental commentary. The words we tell ourselves are often lies, yet because we continue to say them in our mind over and over…eventually we begin to believe the lies.

Because our mind is led to believe all the negativity that creeps in, we allow that to effect our opinions of others. We deal out judgement upon others within the confines of our mind and occasionally that seeps into our behavior towards them. However, this is detrimental for our relationship with others as well as with ourselves.

The mind is a powerful tool.

Our inner voice is the factor that shapes our thinking, what we allow it to say can change our lives. If you have found yourself in this spiral of negative self talk we can change it. By focusing on that voice and changing the narrative you tell yourself you will begin to undermine the lies you have believed. By replacing judgment with praise and hate with love, we are able to change our mind about ourselves and others.

When we are aware of the negativity circling our minds, we can take control of it and replace it with positivity. Only then will we be able to change our opinion of ourself and the people we surround ourselves with. What is your mental narrative telling you and what are you believing about yourself? How can you change that in order to enrich your life?

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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