Day 31: Who We Are

I believe it is incredibly important to know yourself fully and completely in some sort of fashion. Too often people allow the world to tell them who they are rather than allowing life to be a journey of self-discovery. If we do not know who we are in an intimate way, we will be swayed by what other people want us to be.

How do we grow as a person and learn more about ourselves? We can accomplish this by doing exercises that help us learn about the ways we think and feel. Exercises such as writing without stop or simply sitting and thinking. When we allow ourselves to feel and reflect in silence and solitude, we are brining awareness to who we are.

Self contemplation is hard, because we usually end up lost in random thoughts but we should really pay attention to the things that move us and cause our emotions come alive within us. What do our thoughts continue to return to when left to wander? Are there certain areas in our lives where we desire to see change?

I believe without a doubt that people are capable of change and becoming a completely new person is humanly possible. Often this happens because of a life altering event, yet through our own desire we can reinvent who we are.

It all starts with the simple desire to change.

Before we can fix something, we must acknowledge the fact that it needs to be changed. This is by far the most important step in learning about yourself and growing. When we evaluate who we are as a person, the good and the bad, we can take a step forward and ask ourselves where we want to go from here. All journey’s begin with a single step.

From here, the world is at our feet. We can change any aspect of our life through the use of dedication and motivation. When we see the need to alter a particular behavior or completely reinvent who we are, all we have to do is set a goal for who we want to be. This future version of ourself is the goal of our growth. Yet no matter how quickly we grow into who we want to be, there is always the potential of becoming even better. Our life is the stage for continual change, nothing ever remains the same and because of this we are given the opportunity to continue to make alterations to who we are.

By making adjustments to our self image and our personality, we have the ability to become better people. People more likely to achieve our goals and grow into new positions and lifestyles. Nothing that remains the same will ever be given new opportunities, when there is no change there is stagnation.

Yet when we change and gain a better understanding of who we are, we can create for ourselves the life of our dreams. It simply starts with becoming aware of the need to adjust something and developing a firm sense of self. When we know who we are now and where we want to be, nothing can blow us from our course.

Until Next Time,
Lillian Merritt

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